The patterns of domestic abuse are not exclusive to any race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious identity. Sometimes, these patterns may be difficult to spot. Victims may blame themselves or feel they deserve the abuse. Below are a few signs to look out for, with resources listed below to help yourself or to get tips on how to help others, and potentially save a life. Nobody deserves to be abused.

Signs Of Abusive Relationship:

  • Isolates you from friends and family
  • Limits access to resources such as money or transportation
  • Undermines your values or goals
  • Belittles or demeans you regularly
  • Threatens to harm you and/or loved ones
  • Threatens suicide if you leave
  • Sexual coercion or rape
  • Physical abuse

Signs A Loved One Is In An Abusive Relationship:

  • Isolates and withdraws from regular activities
  • Their partner discourages them spending time with you
  • Increased insecurity and lowered self-esteem
  • Drastic changes in appearance
  • Their partner demeans and criticizes them publicly
  • Secrecy about the relationship


National D.V. Hotline –, 800-799-SAFE

YWCA –, 202-467-0801

Love is Respect –, Text: LOVEIS to 22522


Are you concerned about your relationship with drugs and/or alcohol? Do you want to make a change? Are you looking to help a loved one? Below are some signs of substance abuse and addiction. These signs can often co-occur with other mental health conditions. They may be subtle or extreme. Untreated substance abuse can be harmful to your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, and even deadly. Don’t hesitate to explore the resources below and reach out for help. We can recover!

Signs of Addiction:

  • Obsessive thoughts of acquiring the substance
  • School, work, hobbies, and/or relationships are sidelined, the substance becomes priority
  • Depression and/or mood swings
  • Requiring increased amounts of consumption for the “right” effect, aka increased tolerance
  • Wanting to quit, but not being able to do so
  • Reckless behaviors
  • Borrowing or stealing money to obtain the substance
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Lying about or hiding substance use
  • Denying or downplaying use


SAMHSA –,/find-treatment, 800-662-HELP

Reocvery Dharma –

Smart Recovery –

WFS –, 215-536-8026

Moderation Management –


It’s time to blossom! Below are some excellent resources for managing and improving mental health, cultivating your creativity, and actualizing your fullest potential. These are resources that I have found extremely valuable along my own spiritual journey, and hope that they provide you with benefit or inspiration as well. Safe travels!

Mental Health:

SAMHSA Treatment Referral – 877-726-4747

Spiritual Health:

Creative and Educational Resources: