And Your Blood Will Turn Into Gold

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” – William H. Gass

My first book is a collection of poetry, illustrations, paintings, and blurbs relating to a journey through trauma, addiction, and recovery. The ideas in these poems are not exclusive to me, the author. The majority of these pieces are relatable to anyone who has struggled with heartache, grief, or substance abuse. 

The project was invoked by sobriety and a yearning to recover the truest parts of identity and creativity, and created through a long process of learning and healing. 

I wanted to utilize my educational background in philosophy, psychology, and spiritual and addiction studies, and blossom this into something that is not only raw and emotional, but informative as well, with the goal of touching others and cultivating a sense of connection, challenging the feelings of alienation and misunderstanding that so many addicts and trauma survivors face, and educating a general audience on these struggles.

The book is composed into seven chapters, which are the seven stages of spiritual alchemy, paired with the appropriate stage of grief. With this set-up, the reader can follow alongside my personal journey, while also recieving a bit of mystic insight they may be able to apply to their own lives. With strong Jungian, Taoist, and Buddhist influences, this book is as much a poetry collection as it is a spiritual and philosophical tool. 

I am so grateful to have finalized this project and formally announce the publication of my first book. I am looking forward to learning more and publishing more detailed and complex novels in the future.

You can find my book on amazon, titled “And Your Blood Will Turn Into Gold.”

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