The Journey Continues


March is almost over, and with April right around the corner and the days getting longer, I have been seriously motivated to kick some ass in my creative and professional endeavors.

I have started compiling all the pages of my upcoming book, putting it in the perfect order, fitting art pieces with the right poems, and am so excited to see it finalize and come to fruition. The writing part has been a long journey over several years, but my patience has run thin with getting the final product ready for publication. I am way too excited to turn my chaos into creation, but embarking on this path has been nothing less than divine and marvelous.

My days have been filled with creating, writing, chess, petting my sweet dog, and taking power-naps in my sunlit living room. The feeling of not-doing-enough had been hovering, but my drive and energy levels have increased. I recently had to mourn the loss of a very dear and long-term friend, but with her passing, I can hear her voice telling me to stay the course and make my future as beautiful as can be.

My 6 month alcohol-free date is May 9th, and I am hoping to be ready to launch everything by then- at the very latest. It is also Mother’s Day that day, so I am hoping I can gift my lovely momma with knowing that I am still sober and also succeeding at making my dreams come true, which is all she has ever wanted for me. <3

Livestreams, podcasts, art, and more, are all coming soon, so stay tuned. Looking forward to sharing more soon.

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